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Curriculum Provision

Curriculum Route Planners

Route Planners outline the Key Stages 1-3 curriculum to be taught within each campus of the Trust.

Assessment Objectives

The Trust Assessment System defines a set of Assessment Objectives that are used across the Trust when assessing pupil progress.

How we teach the curriculum at Westley

The topics that are covered in each subject in each year group are set out in these Curriculum Long Term Plans.

Year 5 Curriculum Long Term Plan
Year 5
Year 5 Curriculum Long Term Plan
Year 6
Year 5 Curriculum Long Term Plan
Year 7
Year 5 Curriculum Long Term Plan
Year 8

Each plan has been designed to take into account both the new primary curriculum and the new GCSE specifications so that pupils’ learning progresses seamlessly as they move through the All-Though Trust and prepares them thoroughly for the modern world and for the values which are fundamental to life in modern Britain.

The purposes of the plans are to ensure coherence of curriculum across the Trust and to provide parents with information on what children will learn in each subject during each year of their education.