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Westley School Staff

The Staff

The staff list (as of September 2020) is shown below. Responsibilities and/or titles for individual staff members are shown in brackets. Year leaders are shown with a YL and Assistant Year Leaders are shown with AYL.

Leadership Team

  • Headteacher Mr Ben Jeffery
  • Deputy Headteacher Mr Pip Moore (DT) (Safeguarding)
  • Assistant Headteacher Mr Mark Ainsley (Assessment) (H&S)
  • Assistant Headteacher Mrs Fran Hart (Music) (Curriculum) (Inset)

Year 5

  • 5ET Miss Elizabeth Toplis (KS3 Eng) Rm 1 AYL
  • 5DT Mrs Deborah Campbell-Todd Rm 2
  • 5RB Mrs Zoe Ryder & Mrs Vicky Burrows Rm3
  • 5CN Mrs Caroline Noakes Rm 4 YL
  • 5MJ Mrs Michele Mann-Jones Rm 18

Year 6

  • 6TP Miss Tracey Portway Rm 6
  • 6CE Mrs Caroline Edwards (KS2 Eng) Rm 8 YL
  • 6NC Miss Natasha Conroy (MFL) Rm 9
  • 6JM Mr Justin Miller (History) Rm 10
  • 6LC Mr Luke Cresswell Rm 7

Year 7

  • 7KS Mrs Kate Eyley-Scott (Maths) Rm 12
  • 7JA Mr Jonathan Austin (Science) Lab A
  • 7JR John Reading Rm 15 YL
  • 7LE Miss Lucy Emmerson Rm Lab B

Year 8

  • 8KA Mrs Kerry Allan (Art & Design) (Work Experience) Art Rm
  • 8SD Mr Steve Daniels (PE) Rm 17
  • 8AB Miss Alice Bloomfield (PE) Rm 14
  • 8LB Mrs Lisa Burgess (RE/PHSE) Rm15 Lab B

Mrs Andrea Law YL (ICT)


  • Mrs Raksha Chohan-Jones (SEND) (Geography)
  • Mr Michael Webb (Teacher)
  • Mrs Sam Stott (Teacher)
  • Ms Maria Lallaway (Teacher and SP Tutor)
  • Mr David Young (Teacher)
  • Mrs Sarah Tovey (Teacher)
  • Mrs Val Dowsing (General Assistant)
  • Mrs Diane Everett (Business Manager)
  • Mrs Tracy Sewter (Finance Assistant)
  • Mrs Mandy Smart (PA/Office Manager)
  • Mrs Katy Thomas (Pastoral Support Manager)
  • Mrs Justine Weaver (Office Administrator)
  • Mrs Chris Wiemer (Office Administrator)
  • Mr Alan Bird (Caretaker)
  • Miss Joanna Brawn (PE Technician)
  • Mr Ken Noakes (IT Technician)
  • Mrs Alice Pickersgill (Library Manager)
  • Mrs Sandra Royal (Catering Unit Manager)
  • Mrs Hazel Arbon (Mid Day Supervisor)
  • Mrs Tara Hood-Mourao (Mid-Day Supervisor)
  • Mrs Christine Humphreys (Mid Day Supervisor)
  • Mrs Kim Chilver (Mid Day Supervisor)
  • Mrs Terri Hazelton (Mid Day Supervisor)
  • Mrs Gill Burbidge (LSA/Instructor)
  • Mrs Jane Cunningham (SEN Admin & LSA)
  • Mr Steve Daniel (Instructor/PE)
  • Mrs Amber Ford (LSA)
  • Mrs Julie Ford (LSA)
  • Mrs Karen Fordham (LSA)
  • Mr Gary Largent (Cover Supervisor)
  • Miss Roxanne Palmer (Cover Supervisor and SP Tutor)
  • Mrs Janet Monteiro (Sci Tech & LSA)
  • Mrs Alison Morey (LSA and SP Tutor)
  • Mrs Tomoe Newland (LSA and SP Tutor)
  • Miss Leah Palfrey (LSA)
  • Mrs Caroline Ranson (Instructor)
  • Mrs Jane Salt (LSA)
  • Miss Alaska Tuthill (LSA)


There are no vacancy notices at this time.