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County Upper Campus

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the new Headteacher, due to begin my tenure at County Upper School in September 2021. It is an absolute privilege to have been appointed by the Trust and Governors and entrusted with the job of leading such an exceptional school. I felt certain, from my previous knowledge of the school, from my first impressions upon visiting the school during my interview and subsequent visits, that my educational values are well aligned with County Upper School. School culture, in my view, underpins the success of a school: County Upper has been commended on the way that students “behave exceptionally well” and are “considerate and show respect for all”. Building on this, I am committed to promoting a collegiate ethos which fosters healthy friendships and ensures the well-being of all, with a positive peer group culture in which academic excellence is celebrated along with the values of empathy, kindness and moral responsibility.

As a parent, I want for your children what I want for my own: for school to be a place where they flourish and feel safe and happy; for school to be a place where their innate curiosity is fostered and challenged by a curriculum that motivates, involves and inspires. School is more than a ‘preparation for life’: my ambition is that County Upper alumnae will be able to look back on their experiences here as amongst the most intrinsically rewarding, stimulating and affirming chapters of their lives.

A strong and supportive partnership between the home and the school is fundamental to the success of any child. In order to support this, it is vital that communication is clear and regular and opportunities are structured through the year to constructively seek out feedback. As an outward facing school, I feel that it is important for all groups within the school community to have a voice in the development of the school and that as a school we are approachable and allocate time to listen to the views of all, in both formal and informal contexts. It is by listening and responding that we can ensure we are providing the very best education to every child. In September, I will share plans with you about how we will consult with all members of the school community around the school development plan that will identify priorities and drive decisions over the next three years.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Froy as the interim-Headteacher this term. We have been working together closely since my appointment, communicating regularly through the day and meeting once a week to discuss key issues with the clear priority this term on ensuring that safeguarding systems and protocols are rigorous and understood by all; that partnerships with agencies to ensure that safeguarding is robust are strengthened, and that students are supported by a strong safeguarding curriculum that ensures they feel safe and are safe.

I will be continuing to visit the school through the summer term to ensure that I have a clear insight into the priorities for the school in the new academic year. I look forward to working in partnership with the whole community in September as we start the next chapter in County Upper Schools’ journey together.

Sally Kennedy

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Success at the Bury St Edmunds All-Through Education 13-18 County Campus is built on a strong partnership between teachers, parents, students and governors; a partnership which flourishes in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, where every individual is known and valued.

You can find out more about our values and work in our prospectus and brochure.

We are very proud that our young people feel secure and happy and enjoy coming to school and that our "can do" attitude ensures that our students achieve excellent results at all levels of ability: results which reflect, and frequently exceed, their potential.

About All-Through Education in Bury St Edmunds

Tollgate Primary, Horringer Court, Westley and County Upper are part of Unity Schools Partnership. The Partnership shares our vision of a strong all-round education for all and we are delighted to be part of this wider network of schools. Within this partnership, we continue to provide our very successful all-through approach to education in three phases. These phases cover the 4-9; 9-13 and 13-18 age ranges and fit more naturally with the personal development of the overwhelming majority of young people, so enabling them better to reach their potential.

The close working of our four schools ensures curriculum continuity and provides a huge range of extra-curricular experiences, including all-through subject days, a sport partnership and our big arts events at The Apex and the Theatre Royal. We are renowned for the supportive, happy, nurturing communities we foster, the high standards we achieve and the forward looking education we offer from nursery through to ‘A’ level.

Any student who is not already in our system, can move into our schools, especially at years 5 and 9 and for sixth form. To find out what you need to do and how to get an application form visit the admissions page. If you would like to discuss our approach and to meet us in person, do contact us. We look forward to welcoming you.

If you would like any of the information on this web site in printed form please contact us. We make no charge for this.


Mon 20 Sep 2021
W/C Theatre trip (LY)

Mon 20 Sep 2021
W/C Year 13 trip to Brick Lane (OL)

Fri 24 Sep 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
Full Governing Body Meeting @ 2.00 pm

Mon 27 Sep 2021
W/C Year 13 trip to North Norfolk (OL)

Tue 28 Sep 2021
Trust MUN Day (GA)

Wed 29 Sep 2021
Visit to Parliament (MI)

Mon 4 Oct 2021
W/C Open evening (tbc) (FI)

Thu 7 Oct 2021
Mathematical Olympiad for Girls (IB)

Mon 11 Oct 2021
Year 9 Immunisations (HPV 1st dose)

Mon 11 Oct 2021
W/C Festival @ Theatre Royal (tbc) (LY)

Tue 19 Oct 2021
Flu Vaccinations

Mon 25 Oct 2021 to Fri 29 Oct 2021
Half Term

Tue 2 Nov 2021 to Fri 5 Nov 2021
Year 12 Yorkshire Field trip (OL)

Wed 3 Nov 2021
Senior Mathematical Challenge (IB)

Fri 12 Nov 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
Full Governing Body Meeting @ 2.00 pm

Mon 15 Nov 2021
W/C Sixth Form parents' evening (FI)


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From June 28th we'll be using for our domain name.  The three other local schools, also in the Unity Schools Partnership Trust, will be using their own domain names from July 1st.

The other schools will be using, and

DofE continuesDofE continues

Our students are continuing with their volunteering, physical and skills sections. Those that can complete these first three sections now gain their “DofE Certificate of Achievement”.

Year 13 ColoursYear 13 Colours

Colours are awarded for loyalty and commitment in four categories: drama, music, sport and service to the school community. We congratulate all who received colours during the farewell assembly and are particularly gratified by the number receiving colours for service.


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