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Curriculum across the Trust

The Trust is well advanced in its 4-19 curriculum planning which is being undertaken alongside the major National reforms. Joint curriculum activities and staff working across schools are enhancing the core focus on schemes of work and of assessment which go through from age four to nineteen.

Curriculum Route Planners

Route Planners outline the Key Stages 1-3 curriculum to be taught within each campus of the Trust.

Assessment Objectives

The Trust Assessment System defines a set of Assessment Objectives that are used across the Trust when assessing pupil progress.

The key aspects are:

  • Weekly meetings of the head teachers to co-ordinate all aspects of the Trust’s strategic development and ongoing work.
  • Half termly meetings of the Deputies’ group which undertakes tasks identified by the heads and reports to them.
  • An assessment group which is working on common assessments and a common approach so that every pupil's progress is tracked from age four onwards and the correct interventions put in place. This seamless transition across the three phases ensures every child makes continuous progress, preventing the dips on transfer which occur with systems operating in tiers rather than all-through.
  • Curriculum groups in all subject areas with representation from across the schools are producing 4-19 schemes of work in all subject areas. 

The Trust is responding to national issues very quickly. Examples include: 

  • Work to replace national curriculum levels from when pupils start school.
  • By working all-through, the middle years' curriculum has been planned to ensure that when students join the 13-19 phase, they have been prepared with the skills and knowledge they will need to begin work immediately on the much- changed GCSE courses which are about to take effect.
  • The appointment of a 4-19 music teacher and the creation of Trust ensembles, the Trust orchestra being the largest, to ensure the national aim of providing high quality music is met. The Trust works closely with the County Music Service, its West Suffolk Centre operating from County Upper School whose local and national reputation for music is well known.
  • The involvement of sports coaches and specialist PE teachers across the age range in work in individual schools, across schools and at Trust level. This ensures the Trust is already providing the specialist PE teachers and comprehensive programme for the primary age range which were are focus of the Olympic Legacy funding for Primary Schools announced in 2013 and in place until 2020.
  • The appointment of a modern foreign languages teacher to the Trust so that, across the Trust, specialist teaching in French, German, Japanese and Spanish has started at younger ages than now. This is obviously in advance of all schools being required to do this.
  • The new DfE guidance on cookery requires pupils to cook from age 7. Barrow pupils have already used the specialist facilities at both the Horringer Court and Westley sites. Tollgate and Barrow pupils have used specialist facilities in a range of subjects on the other sites.

Curriculum Development Teams

English Mathematics Science
B Hayley Dean
T Verona Jones
HC Siobhan O'Neill
H Kathy Korth (KS2)
H Beryl Blease (KS3)
W Marie Lallaway
CU Charlotte Johnson
B Nick Keefe
T Helen Dowse (KS1)
T Julie Wakeman (KS2)
HC Charlotte Crichton
H Karen Cresswell
W Kate Scott
CU Sally Ibrahim
B David Barrett
T Hannah Brookman
H Clare Ashworth (KS3)
H Kathy Korth (KS2)
W Jonathan Austin
CU Nadine Payne
Art Geography History
B Julia Rance
T Rachel Webb
HC Chris Kent
H David Morris
W Kerry Allan
CU Karen Larwood
B Nadine Fairweather
T Karen Pearce
HC Nick Whitwell
H Kathy Korth (KS2)
H Patricia Milne (KS3)
W Raksha Chohan-Jones
CU John O'Leary
B Nadine Fairweather
T Helen Dowse
HC Nick Whitwell
H Kathy Korth (KS2)
H Patricia Milne (KS3)
W David Lloyd
CU Victoria Middleditch
Modern Foreign Language Music PE
B Helen Barkworth-Knight
T Jo Quittenton
HC Sara Luntz
H Aga Drabik
W Natasha Conroy
CU Steve Goodchild/Nicky Sauvage
B Julia Rance
T Jen Cox
HC Karen Bradley
H Carroll Sturdy
W Fran Hart
CU Rebekah Green/Julian Jarvis
B Nick Keefe
T Jo Ticehurst
HC Chris Kent
H Adrian Banns
W Wyn Jones
CU Millie Collins/Nathan Marshall
Design ICT RE
B Julia Rance
T Rachel Webb
HC James Bowes
H David Morris
W Pip Moore
CU Dave Hodgson
B Julia Rance
HC James Holmes
H Matt Hyndman
W John Reading
CU Nicky Hughes/Carl Balaam
B Victoria Bush
T Catherine Cox
HC Sara Malster
H Patricia Milne
W Jane Lofting
CU Sarah Kingston/Carol Richardson
B Nadine Fairweather
T Andrea Bell
HC Sara Malster
H Nancy Wilsoncroft
W Jane Lofting
CU Gillian Walls