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County STEM Academy
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Bury St Edmunds All-Through Trust

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County STEM Academy

The Trust is delighted to announce the opening of its new STEM Academy in September 2019. This offers a new pathway through the upper phase of our all-through Trust. It provides an exciting, visionary approach with the County Upper ethos, policies, uniform and extra-curricular programme amongst features that will be common across the upper phase.

Whilst the STEM academy buildings are under construction, the Department for Education and the Trust are very keen that County Upper pilots aspects of the STEM Academy’s approach and provision. You can read more about this Pilot Phase on our FAQ page. You can also read our admissions policy.

The need for a STEM Academy

Put simply, students now stay in some form of education until they are eighteen. By about age thirteen some know that they prefer to learn by doing, rather than by sitting behind a desk whereas others prefer that more traditional academic approach.

Our English school system does very well by this last group of pupils but the first group is badly served at present. Their ability to do well at GCSE is evident but we do not enable them to demonstrate it fully, as they do in many other parts of the world. Virtually all teachers, coming from the academic tradition, struggle with the skills needed to teach the curriculum in a more practical way. However, they recognise that this approach would benefit many young people who are not able to fulfil their potential until they leave school.

Our STEM Academy will offer a high quality curriculum for 13-18 year olds that will guarantee a practical approach working with a range of prestigious companies and the University of East Anglia. Our system of hands on learning will benefit pupils from across the ability range and regardless of the economic situation they happened to be born into.

What STEM covers

Students will have the chance to experience hands-on STEM activity in all of the following areas:

  • Computing
  • Energy supply
  • Engineering (Aeronautical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Nuclear)
  • Food science
  • Health and Life Sciences (including veterinary science)
  • Media production
  • Product design

From the start, students will engage in practical learning across the above areas. As students move through the Academy, they will be able to specialise and work with a narrower range of employers who will offer longer projects and more work experience.

Education and the world of work working in deep partnership

The companies who are working alongside us and who will provide the projects, extra-curricular activities, workplace visits, work experience and on-going careers advice, guidance and support are:

Our Stem Sponsors

The STEM Academy is also working with Beacon East, Connect Education and Business and the University of East Anglia.

STEM Qualifications

Students will gain GCSEs, GCEs and Technical qualifications. In modern foreign languages, they will learn the conversational and technical language which they would need to progress in their chosen STEM area.

More information

You can read answers to some of the common questions we are asked on our FAQ page.