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Horringer Court
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Horringer Court Prospectus

Welcome to Horringer Court School

I am delighted to introduce our school prospectus. Our intention is to provide you with an informative and interesting snapshot of our life at Horringer Court. I hope you will be encouraged to find out more by visiting us and meeting the team who make up, what we believe, to be a special place.

At Horringer Court we are proud of the quality of education we provide. We have very high expectations of everyone and are committed to providing a supportive environment in which pupils feel happy and secure. We encourage and value the opinions and suggestions of all our pupils and expect them to show respect for others and work in partnership with us in the day to day running of the school. Our aim is to ensure our pupils develop as responsible members of our community and citizens of the future whilst achieving their full academic potential.

I feel proud to lead this school with its positive ethos that ensure all pupils are valued and encouraged to produce their best.

We are welcoming and approachable so please come and see us.

Tania Johnson

Curriculum Provision

Year 5

In order to have a half way step between Primary Teaching and Secondary Teaching the curriculum for Year 5 is organised slightly differently to that for the rest of the school. Pupils are placed into three main teaching groups.

  • Group 1: Ability group according to levels in English. In this class they are taught for 10 hours a week and cover English, Beliefs and Values, French and Humanities.
  • Group 2: Ability group according to levels in Maths. In this class they are taught for 9 hours a week and cover Maths and Science.
  • Group 3: Mixed ability group. In this class they are taught for 6 hours a week and cover P.E. Design and Technology, Music, and Art.

Following this format the pupils will benefit from a smaller number of teachers as they move onto a secondary timetable yet still access both specialist teachers and facilities.

Years 6, 7 & 8

For these three year groups the curriculum is delivered through subject departments. In all areas it is recognised that pupils need approaches and challenges that are suited to their strengths and abilities. Teachers plan lessons according to these and the use of resources to reflect this principle. In some subjects this means ability grouping within mixed ability classes, but in others, most notable English and Maths, pupils are placed in sets. Where setting is used it is not simply due to a pupil having achieved a particular level, but a grouping of pupils at similar levels so that the teacher can provide the learning environment best suited to their needs.

Areas of study are as follows:

  • Art
  • Information Technology
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Mathematics
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Design and Technology
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Science
  • French
  • Geography

Curriculum Fridays. Key Stage 3 only

The aim of these days is to help pupils understand themselves better as learners and take greater control of and responsibility for their learning. For Years Seven and Eight, each Friday is allocated to a different curriculum area in order to plan extended learning that is beyond what can be achieved in a single lesson. This allows for more innovative use of time and resources. In practical subjects pupils can see a project through to a conclusion without having to spend time packing away and then setting up again the essential equipment. Often pupils are given the opportunity to learn in a different location without missing other important lessons on that day. The days lend themselves to pupils following through their own ideas and initiatives and then the teachers act more as advisors. All the days are an integrated part of the curriculum and are carefully planned so that they add to the overall understanding of concepts and acquiring of the skills that are part of the curriculum. The timetable of Curriculum Days is published on our website so that parents and pupils know which areas of the curriculum are being covered on each Friday. Occasionally these days are extended to all four Year groups when pupils study Philosophy, Team Building and undertake Horringer Court in the Community Day.


This is an integral part of the curriculum and each pupil is given a homework timetable in their log books at the beginning of the year. Each child is expected to complete two pieces of Maths and two pieces of English homework each week. Other subjects will have homework occasionally.We place great emphasis on reading and expect each child to read for at least 10 minutes every night. We also have timetabled reading time on Fridays. The school’s library is available for children to choose books at break and lunch times.

Beliefs and Values

This subject combines Personal and Social Education with Citizenship and RE. The school believes that these aspects are linked and not separate subjects, although planning does have particular regard to the Suffolk agreed syllabus in Religious Education and maintains all National Curriculum standards.

Sex Education

This is approached through the Beliefs and Values and Science Curriculum. There is an annual Parents’ Evening to discuss the contents in advance of the teaching.

Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on providing high quality Pastoral Care. Our arrangements for supporting your child are extensive and below are some of the ways we ensure your child is happy and feels safe.

  • A separate playground for Year 5
  • A dedicated non-teaching Head of Year 5
  • Buddy system where Year 8 are responsible for Year 5 pupils
  • Vertical tutor system ensures that your child’s tutor is with them throughout their time with us and so that Year 5 can meet regularly with their Year 8 buddies
  • Buddy day once a week where we encourage Year 8 to undertake an activity with their Year 5 buddy
  • Heads of House who support the Pastoral Care provided by the tutors
  • House Learning Assistants
  • Head Boy and Head Girl and House Captains who can be approached by any pupil
  • A dedicated full time non-teaching member of staff who works with individuals who need help in such areas as social skills, self-esteem and confidence building
  • Anti-bullying week, including a survey carried out by all pupils
  • E-mail contacts for Head of Year 5 and all tutors
  • Log book where you or your child’s tutor can write short notes
  • First call system for absences
  • Easily understood sanctions which are applied consistently and effectively.

We believe that your child has to be happy and feel safe if they are to learn.

Special Educational Needs Provision

Our school is committed to caring for each pupil as a whole person, identifying and assessing special needs, taking appropriate measures and enabling each pupil to benefit as fully as possible from their education. Children are integrated as far as possible within the broad and balanced curriculum available to all our pupils. Our Special Needs Coordinator works closely with a team of dedicated Learning Assistants to ensure each child is appropriately supported through different learning materials, use of varied approaches and strategies and by providing different equipment or environment. We also have a nominated Governor to oversee SEN work in the school. Our school is all on one level with toilet facilities for the disabled. Disabled children have equal access to the curriculum when physically possible with support provided to enable this to happen.

We also recognise that Gifted and Talented pupils have special needs too. These are catered for by setting in English and Maths; opportunity to study second languages; acceleration through the Year groups; challenging tasks as part of lesson planning; enrichment programmes provided by County Upper School; taking part in local or national competitions and special projects.

Progress Group

We also have a separate Progress Group for KS2 pupils whose needs are best met in a small nurturing environment where a more flexible and individual programme of study can be followed. Membership of this group is determined only by the school in consultation with any outside agencies that are involved directly with individuals.

Working with Parents

First Contacts

During the year before a child joins us in Year 5 prospective parents are welcome to visit by prior appointment at any time. We also hold an annual Open Evening. Mrs Kemp, Head of Year 5, will also visit every pupil intending on joining us at their Primary school in Year 4. There are also 2 half days and 1 whole day when prospective Year 4 pupils spend time with us.


It is essential that parents and school work together to ensure every child makes the most of their time with us. Parents of pupils in Year 5 will be given an email address for Mrs Kemp and we ask that this is used for initial contact. Mrs Kemp will pass on anything relevant to other teachers. For all other Year groups the email address of the child’s tutor is supplied. There is also a space in the Pupil Log where short messages can be written for your child’s tutor. Meetings can be arranged with any member of staff but we please ask that appointments are made beforehand. Newsletters are currently sent out once a term, with our website providing all current information. Letters are sent via email and are also displayed on the website. We operate a text message system for important messages.

Consultation Evenings

In the Autumn Term we hold a Pastoral Parents’ Evening where you will have the opportunity to speak to your child’s tutor. This evening is simply to discuss general points and to ascertain how well your child has settled in. Throughout the year there are subject evenings when you are able to make appointments to see individualteachers. There are also additional special evenings for curriculum information. All dates for these evenings will be displayed on our calendar on our website.


Sport is an extremely important and valuable part of school life at Horringer Court; our emphasis being on promoting enjoyment and understanding in a happy, exciting and safe environment. We have Activemark Gold and Sportsmark Awads and hold Football Association Charter Standard. These awards symbolises the school’s commitment to sport and to health and fitness. The Government lays down minimum standards for the time children should spend on exercise in school. Horringer Court exceeds all these standards and ensures that all children, in both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, spend an adequate amount of time on sport and physical education.

Every pupil has two hours of high quality Physical Education each week on their timetable as well as an 18 hour block of Dance. This curriculum time is supported by a wide variety of clubs for all children in all the main games and sports. All pupils are encouraged to participate in our annual Sports Day; Inter House competitions and the many extra-curricular clubs that are on offer.

Sports Premium Grant

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for academic years 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school headteachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

This grant is aimed at Primary schools where they do not employ specialist PE teachers unlike Horringer Court. We have therefore looked at ways we can add even more to our PE curriculum.

  • Employ a PE specialist from County Upper School one day a week.
  • Employ a Basketball coach to work with all Year Groups on timetable.
  • Jointly, with all schools in the Academy, employ PE specialist to organise and provide additional extra curricular activities and competitions.
  • To provide additional extra curricular activities both before and after school at Horringer Court and within Academy as a whole.
  • Cover so that staff and pupils can share expertise in a wider circle of schools eg Dance workshops.
  • Cover for larger numbers of teams to be entered into local and county competitions.


Clubs and Activities.

It is well recognised that good and effective schools provide enrichment activities for their pupils. These clubs are designed to: promote confidence and enthusiasm; prepare children for inter school matches and championships; broaden their experiences; offer subjects not covered on the curriculum.

We work in partnership with County Upper School (13-18 phase of Academy Trust) to offer joint activities with older children as well as sharing expertise of staff.

Just some of the extra-curricular programme offered:

  • Athletics
  • Art
  • Basketball – School
  • Basketball – Academy
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Dance – school
  • Dance – Academy
  • Drama
  • Dynamics – vocal
  • Football
  • Film
  • Gardening
  • Girls Rugby
  • Gymnastics
  • Gym Trail
  • History
  • ICT
  • Jazz Group
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Lego
  • Library
  • Orchestra – School
  • Orchestra – Academy
  • Reading (Yr 6)
  • Rock Solid
  • Rugby
  • Social Skills
  • Tag Rugby
  • Tech Team
  • War Hammer 40K

Clubs List and Timetable
Download the clubs timetable

We are always open to suggestions, so if pupils have an idea for a new activity we will listen and try to facilitate. Throughout the Year there are regular performances in Dance, Music and Drama.



The basis of our rules and procedures is that we show courtesy and consideration for others and for their property. Sensible behaviour is expected at all times inside school and on the way to and from school. The Code of Conduct is displayed in the Pupil Log Book and is based on Respect, Rights and Responsibilities.

I will respect:

  • The individuality of others
  • The views and opinions of others
  • The efforts and contributions of my classmates
  • Any adult who challenges poor behaviour

I have the right to:

  • Make a contribution to school life without being made fun of
  • To feel good about myself and be regarded for my strengths
  • Be recognised for my efforts in school
  • Be spoken to and dealt with courteously
  • Be welcomed and helped in new or difficult situations
  • Carry out my school work without constant interruptions or distractions
  • Feel safe in my classrooms
  • Feel secure and not be bullied
  • Feel that my belongings are secure and will not be taken

It is my responsibility to:

  • Welcome and encourage the efforts of others at all times
  • Help improve the self – esteem of other pupils by celebrating their talents
  • Try my best at all times and bring the right equipment to the right place at the right time
  • Be well mannered Be welcoming to visitors, new pupils and new staff in our school
  • Let my classmates work without being distracted or interrupted
  • Take special care in practical areas and always follow safety instructions
  • Support the well being of my school mates and not to threaten or intimidate them in any way
  • Take care of my belongings and return other people's if they are mislaid

Horringer Court operates a Positive Behaviour Policy. We believe the best way to demonstrate to pupils the correct way to live and work together is by rewarding positive achievements. Our system rewards success using credits which lead to bronze, silver and gold certificates. Expectations are made very clear to all pupils and the majority of the children abide by these at all times. However, if a child fails to respect the Code of Conduct, repeatedly does not carry out tasks and duties or behaves in an anti-social manner, he or she will be subject to sanctions which will, in extreme cases, result in exclusion from school. A copy of this policy can be seen on our website and is available from the school office on request.

School Uniform

We are aware that retailers sometimes label fashionable items of clothing as ‘School Wear’. We would request that our dress code is followed rather than that of the retailers. Please send questions about uniform to uniform@spcprinters.co.uk.

  • Navy blue V neck jumper with school logo
  • White shirt with collar
  • School tie
  • Black trousers for boys
  • Black skirt or trousers for girls.
  • Standard black school shoes.
  • Black socks or tights.
  • No jewellery except for a watch and one plain stud in each ear.
  • No extreme hairstyles, make-up or nail varnish.

Please note:

  • Long hair must be tied back with a black hair tie or band for all practical subjects. Hair must not be artificially coloured or cut in an extreme style.
  • Shoes should not be 'fashion' shoes, shoes with high heels, boots, sandals with open toes or trainers. If trainers or boots etc are worn to school black plimsolls will be given to the pupil to wear.
  • Shirts – we require all shirts to be tucked into skirts and trousers.
  • Skirts - no longer then calf length and no shorter than 10cm above the knee.
  • Trousers should be tailored - not jeans, sports trousers, flared, skinnies or 'fashion' trousers. Short black tailored trousers may be worn if preferred.
  • Alternative uniform will be provided if these standards are not met.

PE/Sports kit for boys and girls:

  • White polo shirt/plain white T-shirt – indoor
  • Purple rugby shirt - outdoor
  • Black shorts (no stripes or logos. Not cycling shorts)
  • Purple long socks - outdoor
  • Trainers/Football Boots
  • Sweatshirt, jogging bottoms or tracksuit for outdoor sports in cold weather. (No stripes or logos and must be a dark colour. Alternatively the purple sweatshirt from previous uniform may be worn.)
  • Mouth guards for hockey and rugby.
  • Shin pads for hockey and football.
  • No jewellery to be worn. Earrings must be removed or covered with a plaster (Provided by pupil)

Ordering uniform

Uniform is available from:

SPC Printers
Email: uniform@spcprinters.co.uk



A pencil case containing a pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener is needed. Coloured crayons may also be useful. More specialist equipment such as a calculator, compass or protractor, will be provided but children who prefer, may bring their own. Sharp scissors are not permitted. A modestly sized bag is needed in which to carry school books and P.E. kit. A school book bag can be purchased from the office. Our water policy encourages all children to bring in their own clear water bottle with a sports top. Children should not bring valuable items in to school. If this is necessary they must be handed in to the office for safe keeping. If you wish your child to bring their mobile phone to school then it must be handed in to the office for the duration of the school day. All other electronic devices are not permitted.

General Information

Pupil Numbers and Admissions

The pupil admission number (PAN) for HCMS is 100 in each year group. The LA is responsible for admissions to the school but we aremore than happy for you to approach us at any time. Full details of thepolicy and procedures are set out in the 'Schools in Suffolk 2008/2009'booklet. Our admissions policy can also be found on this website.


If your child is absent from school please let us know by telephone before 9.00am. If we have not heard from you by that time we shall telephone you later in the morning. Our Attendance Policy states that we will not authorise any holiday during term time.

The school's attendance records for 2012/2013 are as follows:Percentage of pupil sessions (half days) missed through authorised absence 4.9%Percentage of pupil sessions (half days) missed through unauthorised absence 0.1%TOTAL ATTENDANCE FOR YEAR = 95%

Medical and Related Issues

Although the school provides first-aid facilities, there is no-one medically qualified on the staff. It is therefore essential that we have more than one emergency contact number. The school has a policy for supporting children with medical needs and a copy is available on request. We ask that you advise the school of any medical condition which may affect your child during the school day when they first join us or if any condition arises after that time. The administration of medicines to pupils is the responsibility of the parents but if this is not practical then a request for our help and a disclaimer needs to be completed. With parental permission asthmatics are allowed to carry their own inhalers with them at all times. Please request a form. In order to avoid the risk of improper use, pupils are not allowed to bring their own supplies of pain killers into school. A permission form needs to be completed for these as for other medicines.

Accidents in school

In all cases of emergency the school will do their best to contact parents/carers. If this is not possible, we will act on the advice of the Medical Officer consulted. It is in your child's interest that you keep the school informed of current contact numbers. Parents who reject any forms of medical treatment for their family should make their views known to the school in writing.

School Meals

Horringer Court has their own cook and team on site so all meals are freshly prepared on the day of consumption and use locally sourced meat. We have 'Healthy Schools' status so provide a well-balanced menu with plenty of choice. Pupils can pay daily for their meal at the till or online. Alternatively a pupil may pre-order a packed lunch or provide one from home.

Free School Meals allow your child to enjoy a meal at school without or in advance on line www.eats-catering.co.uk

If your family has a low income we would encourage you to enquire further by telephone: 01284 758883. Alternatively an application form can be obtained on line at: www.csduk.com/FSHSchoolsinSuffolk

Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place as a whole school, in year groups, house assemblies and classes. These are led by members of staff, pupils and visiting speakers. Under Government legislation, parents have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and Collective Worship. Parents wishing to do this should contact theHeadteacher. Although the school will provide supervision it is the responsibility of the parent to provide appropriate work for the child to do at these times.

Cycling to school

Children are encouraged to cycle to school, but in the interest of safety it is essential that they wear a cycling helmet and that their bicycles are in good working order. A lock is also recommended. If you wish your child to cycle to school could you please complete a cycling letter which is available from the Deputy Head.


Decisions about entitlement to free and concessionary bus transport to and from school are made by the County Education Department, Grimwade Street, Ipswich IP4 1LJ (Tel: 01473 265064) However, our school office will be happy to help with problems or queries about buses.

Bus Information

Chevington Bus 

We understand that there has been more than one occasion when this bus has not turned up, or has been extremely late. If you as a parent have experienced these problems the link below is where you should direct your complaints. As a school we will look at putting in a contact system so that we can alert you to any future problems.


There may be times when children are photographed as part of a normal school activity, including by the local press. You will be asked to complete a photo permission form which can be found in your child's log book.


The Governing Body is required, under Section 23 of the Education Reform Act (1988), to adopt a procedure for the consideration of complaints about the school curriculum and related matters. It covers issues relating to the National Curriculum, Religious Education and Worship, the operation of charging policies, regulation about the provision of information and other statutory curriculum issues. Parents should note that it is the wish of the Governing Body of Horringer Court Middle School to deal with all complaints quickly, effectively and as informally as possible. Parents are asked therefore, in the first instance, to refer all complaints to the Headteacher. If the issue cannot be resolved in this way, it may be referred first to a panel of Governors of the school

The timing of the school day

Horringer Court has the following times:

8.30am - 8.35am Registration
8.35am - 9.35am Lesson 1

9.35am - 10.30am

Lesson 2
10.30am - 10.50am Break
10.50am - 11.50am Lesson 3
11.50am - 12.45pm Lesson 4
12.45pm - 1.45pm Lunch
1.45pm - 2.10pm Assembly
2.10pm - 3.05pm Lesson 5
3.05pm - 3.15pm Registration


Internet Safety Guidance