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County Upper
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Pupil Premium Funding

The Department for Education provides additional funding for students who are:

  • looked after by the Local Authority in Care;
  • are members of a family of an Armed Service Parent;
  • are, or have been in the last six years, eligible for Free School Meals.

This funding is to help schools ensure students in these categories do not underachieve and are supported to achieve in line with their peers who do not attract this extra funding.


We ensure that all subject areas plan their curriculum so that all the students they teach have every chance to maximise their potential. As part of this approach, teachers plan very carefully for the needs of those students where national research, for example by the Education Endowment Foundation, shows that they may be vulnerable to underachievement. This includes students who are eligible for pupil premium funding.

One of our key aspirations is that every child should make the best progress possible and we know that outstanding teaching is crucial to this. We invest heavily in ensuring that our students receive both ‘quality first teaching’ and excellent pastoral support. We also track our students very closely and regularly. Where students require additional intervention, this is identified early and managed sensitively using strategies shown to have the most impact.

How is the Pupil Premium Used?

We believe in supporting every child but we ensure that ‘pupil premium students’ are especially monitored and encouraged to take full advantage of all that is offered in lessons and in extra-curricular time. This includes:

  • provision of a personalised learning tutor;
  • provision of a student support co-ordinator;
  • contributions to specific curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students concerned;
  • a member of staff to provide numeracy intervention for students to maximise their achievement.
  • Additional after school and holiday revision sessions.

The Curriculum and Staffing Working Group of the Governing Body receives a report on the progress of students eligible for the funding at every meeting and the Head Teacher gives a report at the termly meetings of the full Governing Body. The school has received a Pupil Premium Award from the DfE.

In 2016-17, the school received £132,778. This funded a personalised learning tutor and additional student support, together with a numeracy intervention tutor, holiday revision sessions and individual sums of monies allocated to individual students in line with their need.

The gap between disadvantaged students at County Upper with their non- pupil premium peers nationally was 0.42. The difference between County Upper students and all students nationally was 0.28. County Upper pupils, including pupil premium students, were strongly encouraged to follow a broad, rigorous curriculum. As a result, our pupil premium students’ entry to EBacc was 8 percentage points above their non-pupil premium counterparts nationally and their Progress 8 across the EBacc was 0.02 above non-pupil premium students nationally. Had they followed a less broad, rigorous set of options, their progress in the open slots would have been much higher and this is by far the biggest contributor to the difference between them and their non-pupil premium counterparts nationally. The rate at which they stayed in some form of education was 94% compared with 94% of all students and 96% of non-pupil premium students nationally. We believe their broad, rigorous curriculum contributed to this.

In 2017-18, the school will receive £143,580. This will be spent on a personalised learning tutor and additional student support, together with a numeracy intervention tutor, holiday revision sessions and individual sums of monies allocated to individual students in line with their need. This year especial support is being given in English is an area of weakness for these students and there was also a bigger gap than mathematics between our pupil premium and non- pupil premium students in 2017.

Action Plan

  1. Small group support to allow students who are underachieving to catch up and where appropriate develop study skills;
  2. To continue to offer a coherent and progressive mentoring and IAG (Information Advice and Guidance) programme;
  3. To provide additional opportunities for students to cement their progress through twilight and holiday sessions;
  4. To ensure staff are able to identify and support Pupil Premium students through “Quality First Teaching;”
  5. Ensuring appropriate recording and monitoring of interventions;
  6. Placing a particular focus on interventions in English;
  7. To ensure underperforming students’ work in class is to a high standard and in line with teacher/school expectations.

PE & Sports Premium

The Government is spending over £450 million on improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools between 2013 and 2016. This funding is allocated directly to primary headteachers.

The Bury Sports Trust has been formed to provide "All-Through PE" for students within all the Trust schools. It allows for PE staff to go to every campus, and for the primary phase campuses to have specialist PE teaching. It also allows for provision of students across all campuses to work together during extra curricular activities, and allows for students within Key Stage 2 in the Trust to have heavily subsidised sports coaching on Saturdays and during the schools holidays.

You can read about how the Trust is spending the PE & Sports Premium on the following documents: